Tuesday, September 10, 2019

The Making of a Rebellion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

The Making of a Rebellion - Essay Example Because of the colonization of the British, the economies of Europe, Africa and the Americas were ties together. These economies were tied together by the triangular trade. Because of the economic conquests and ambitions, wars were experienced among the European themselves and these fighting spilled across into the Americas and thus causing a lot of social and political unrest among the Native Americans. The war politics during this period was characterized by alliances among the Native Americans, the French and the Europeans themselves. This essay discusses the political status of the Native Americans and the Europeans colonial empires in 1750s and the political implications of the Seven Years War among these political entities. The political and economic interests of the Europeans in the Native American region led to conflicts and unrest among the Europeans themselves (Boyer 89). Since the European rule applied to its colonies, the colonialists and explorers who were driven by econ omic conquest ambitions were opposed to the economic and political limitations that the European governor Sir John Andros implicated on them. The colonialists wanted the parliamentary system of governance in Britain because it catered for their colonial and economic interests. As a result, Sir Andros was removed from power in 1688. William of Orange and Mary who became the new governor in Britain promised to provide full support for the parliamentary system of governance. The colonists thus pledged their loyalty to the new monarchs but they wanted to know the kind of governance that they wanted to adapt. The colonialists were surprised to find out that William and Mary also advocated for full control of Britain for all colonial affairs and interests. This led to revolts such as the Catholic Maryland conflicts because the colonialists wanted the British government to limit its control over the colonial affairs. The conflicts among the Europeans had political impacts on the Native Ame ricans. For example the fighting between the French and England over economic and political dominions led to the British and French allies being formed among the Native American tribes (Cobb 103). The natives were therefore involved in the European fighting. The economic and political oppression of the Europeans on the Native American communities eventually led to the Great Awakening because the indigenous people would not stand economic exploitation and political cruelty of the British any more. The political implication of the Great Awakening was demonstrated by the use of religious leaders who advocated for social equality to motivate the native communities to fight or their rights. The social rebellions which characterized this awakening increased within the American British colonies. These rebellions were fueled by the religious questioning of the European political and economic authority in the Americas. These rebellions and revolts against the Europeans eventually led to the Seven Years War (Boyer 92). The formation of alliances among the Native American Indians, the British and the French led to divided political and economic interests which eventually led to the Seven Years War. The diversity of interests caused a lot of tension among the three political entities. The Seven Years War is termed as a global conflict which began as soon as the British and their Indian allies declared war on the French (Cobb 102). Even though the British and t

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