Thursday, September 26, 2019

Journal 8 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

Journal 8 - Essay Example At the ball, she encounters the prince, and this really lifts her mood. However, her joy is short-lived as she leaves the ball bearing in mind she may never see the prince again, but he searches for her using her glass slipper and finally finds her. They live happily ever after. The protagonist in the story is Cinderella who is saddened by the fact that she cannot go to the ball; this is her preliminary state. The Fairy Godmother avails all that Cinderella needs to go, but she also brings in disequilibrium by requiring that she returns before midnight. At the ball, Cinderella’s state of mind is varied and she grows happy when she meets the prince (286). Once again, she is crestfallen because she does not expect to see him again. Disequilibrium occurs when the prince uses her slipper to find her, and it appears that Cinderella might be happy once more. When he does find her, they live together in happiness, which is the ultimate state of mind. The story goes a long way in revealing the culture of those from who it comes. In this case, the story shows that women who are industrious and altruistic are compensated with riches and great joy. In addition, love is the foundation of any relationship and that getting married because of love leads to eternal

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