Sunday, September 8, 2019

Case Analysis Executive Brief Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Analysis Executive Brief - Case Study Example To solve this problem, it is important for Google to diversify their streams of revenue, as well as continue to be innovative and expand its current customer base. To begin with, they can expand on their Google Apps Marketplace that allows cloud computing from 3rd parties, who will then be allowed to integrate with core Google products. This will enable them to collect revenues without using any additional resources from the company. Google should also seek to monetize its Android platform, especially as its core search-advertising business seems to be slowing down for both Google websites and Google network websites. Thus, on top of Android dominating the mobile-device market, they should seek to monetize their mobile operating systems more aggressively (Hitt et al 166). Finally, by gaining direct access to a wireless spectrum, Android could remove additional fees for content delivery, while also providing Google with a ready platform for communications to expand advertising and pro duct reach. With regards to charging their manufacturers a licensing fee, Google could monetize their Android platform and increase their profits, rather than offer it for free and expect to make money almost entirely from advertising. This will also improve innovativeness, as the manufacturers will still be allowed to add more features onto their smart-phones and their Apps (Hitt et al 166), increasing business opportunities for Google. However, it is also possible that these phone producers using Android, including Samsung and HTC, could branch off on their own and start using their own Android systems. This would result in the creation of incompatible OS and loss of business for Google. In relation to opening up their OS to 3rd party developers, Google could operate more efficiently and effectively, particularly as these developers could create more innovative apps that replace core functions in Android. In addition, it would also bring

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