Sunday, October 20, 2019

Today CoSchedule Celebrates Our Best Birthday Yet - CoSchedule Blog

Today Celebrates Our Best Birthday Yet Blog Today marks the third anniversary of the day came to be! Were incredibly excited about the journey weve had, and even more excited about whats coming up next! Now you have a perfectly good excuse to pause and go grab some cake before diving in further. We  Couldnt Do This Without You First and foremost, we have so much gratitude for everyone that has helped us grow from a little startup to a world-wide  used  marketing calendar. Thank you to our 7,000+ customers that allow us to do what we love each and every day. Your awesome ideas, feedback, and encouragement continually shape what will become. Not to mention, the 100,000 blog subscribers that motivate  us to continually create helpful content- you are our inspiration! Thank you to all of our marketing heroes that have taught, shared, and helped us along the way. The Jay Baers, Seth Godins, Neil Patel, and so many more. You have guided us through your shared  experiences and support, and we wouldnt be where we are without your kind, wise advise.

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