Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Aesthetic and political issues raised by large surveys of womens work Essay

Aesthetic and political issues raised by large surveys of womens work - Essay Example Nature and culture has influenced women to diversify artistic works (Art & Australia, 2008). Women involvement in these changes borrows from the view life experiences and the motives for outstanding results are the central pillars that govern the actions of women. It is difficult to outline the political issues raised without looking at the social issues connected to women art. Participation of women in different professions has increased tremendously due to increased working opportunities. Women are also involved in the formulation and implementation of various reforms in the health sector and the provision of affordable care for children. This has raised different demands that women thrive to meet. The main demand by women is access to various professional fields as well as the demand for equal pay. This represents the ways in which women are approaching different aspects of their social life, professions and their private lives. The early participation of women in arts has a cultu ral impact on the modern societies. This change in culture manifests itself clearly by looking at the shift of women working in early sculptures to the present day visual arts. ‘Contemporary Australia: Women’ exhibition presents a good avenue for modern artists to discuss various issues related to art. Artists use the mass media to reveal different selections of women in the recent years. It has created visual arts, which is a new branch of arts. Women have influenced the cinema world showing how their involvement in art has changed the nature of contemporary art. Feminist art has brought about discussions and dialogues among different artists. It is also worth to note that... Many challenges have faced women artists including difficulties in trading, marketing and developing their skills in art. Gender biases and societal stereotypes are the main cause of these challenges and difficulties. Their endurance to these challenges and difficulties has changed the field of arts in the world. Australia represents the countries that recognize the contributions of different women artists to modern art. This revolution of women artists began during the time of the feminist movement that fought for the rights of women in arts. ‘Contemporary Australia: Women’ is an exhibition that helps in measuring and recognizing how women artists diversified and continue to diversify the field of arts. The exhibition contains different artistic works, which include paintings, films, sculptures, photography works and other forms of arts. The exhibition also comprises of works by young artists, how they develop their work out of a good understanding of identity as women artists. It explains the current position of women in the contemporary world by considering the views and opinions of different women artists in the world.

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